Your Photo Tour in Seville !

Photography is our great passion and our job since 10 years, and we hope that our images will be a nice souvenir of your visit to Seville. We work for couples, friends, companies, either if you want to take an emotive or romantic stroll around the city or if you want to celebrate your family meeting or business event.

For more than 10 years my wife Reyes and I (we are a family business) have been working as professional photographers in Seville, and during these years, we have had the opportunity to work for large companies, such as Renault, or NH Hotels, we have made photographic reports in dozens or hundreds of weddings, corporate events of all kinds, such as commercial presentations, congresses of all kinds, bachelor parties, and so on.

We are also specialized in attending to companies that perform their services or activities in Seville, like professional congresses, promotional events, during products presentations etc.

Hiring a local photographer on your trip to Seville is a good idea, do you want to know why?

I’m sure you’ve seen yourself in a situation like this: you and your partner go on a trip to a beautiful place (we’re talking, of course, about Seville); you’re accompanied by the person you love, the city it’s wonderful, and it turns out that when you return home you have a great collection of selfies and photos of wonderful places, but you really don’t like your photos taken of the journey. And the selfies are awful portraits and don’t reflect well how you lived the trip, when you return at home your photos are poor memories of a wonderful an unforgeateable trip.

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The solution is to hire a local professional photographer, who knows the city and its best places, best schedules, who will help you with general information about the city, such as where to buy your tickets for visits to monuments, and of course, to take the best photos with the best models: you and the best city of Spain, Seville.

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    Contact us by mail

    Please tell us the dates of your trip, and if you have a preference for visiting/photographing a particular area of Seville.

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    We will live a great experience, we will visit the most beautiful places in Seville a unique photo session. You will return from your trip with unique and unforgettable photos

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    Delivery and payment

    We deliver your images (all of them) edited, at maximum resolution and size, and without logos or brands, and you pay me through Paypal. No advance payments are required.


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Why hire us?

  • We love romance

    The best thing about doing a romantic photo shoot is having the chance to photograph happy, smiling, happy couples who are happy to take a walk around Seville. Plaza de España, Real Alcázar, or Santa Cruz Quarter, Triana, and of course, all the city center, Seville has the most beautiful spots to take the best images of your trip!

    fotos naturales de pareja de bodas en alcazar de sevilla

  • Do you want all the photos from the photo shoot?

    No hassle, our fees includes delivery of digital files, edited and retouched, without watermarks or logos, complete files, with high resolution and ready to print at any size.

    Without applying extra costs or surprises at the end. Safe price: all images of the session at the price of 100 euros / hour (100,00€/hr.)

    sevillana casándose en el Alcazar de Sevilla

  • Fast delivery

    We know you don’t want to wait for your images, so we’ll deliver the entire photoshoot (in digital files) in 24 / 48 hours. Maximum speed, thanks to our workflow. You won’t have to wait to enjoy your photos in Seville!

  • We love happy people!

    We love happy people! That’s why we love working for happy people who enjoy our beautiful city. Couples, bachelorette parties, weddings celebrating their wedding anniversary, or just visiting friends, Seville is waiting for you!

    photoshoot in Seville hire a personal photographer in Seville

  • Family Photography Specialists

    If you like to travel with your family, you have babies or you’re intrepid parents with their childs on a trip, you will be happy to know that we are specialists in photographing babies and families in Seville since more than 15 years. We are local leaders in family photography. Trust in our photos to remember your stay in Seville with your childs

    good an recommended photographer in Seville

  • Useful information about Seville

    We like to enjoy and live in our city, we can advise you about our favorite places to have lunch or dinner, drinks with the best views of the city, local food places, etc.. We can recommend the most authentic places in Seville, far away from the typical «for tourists circuits»

    Fotos de preboda en Sevilla en navidad

What do our customers says about our service?

Offering a great service to our customers is always our priority, so the opinion of our customers is very important to us….

Fran and Reyes picked us up from our hotel and made our day  🙂 It was lovely throughout. They made us enjoy the photoshoot more than anything. They listened to our suggestions and guided us to a great end result. Thanks xx

professional photographer in Seville, best images of your visit to Seville, photographer for your travel Pictures of Plaza de España Alcazar of Seville

We are truly enjoy the half day spent with Francesco and Luz Neutra Photographers. This is an amazing pre-wedding experience for us. They are very professional & passionate with photo taking. From photo tour planning, arrangement, style and venue selection, Francisco go through every single one in details. They are very familiar with all good photo taking points in Seville and expert to explore surprise for us. They are excellent photograhers who even complete with each other to try to give the best pictures for us. The photos were sent back to me in 2 days with colour & B&W. They are very reliable and very good price as well. Finally I would also like to thanks for their hospitality for buying me local tapas and beer. They give me a perfect pre-wedding photo experience in Seville and definitely the best choice.

I surprised my girlfriend in Seville, Spain this past weekend to propose to her. I needed someone to capture this perfectly for all the hard work and planning behind it. I came across Fran and his wife through a google search, and am really happy I did! Fran and his assistant came to the location I was staying to pick me up and walk with me to the location of my proposal. Along the way, he explained the history of all the places we were passing and giving me a quick tour (for free!!). The pictures he provided following the proposal were AMAZING! My girlfriend and I loved them, and we can’t wait to share them with the world. Every part of the proposal was captured, and the best part was that he gave us EVERY picture he took, and they were all edited. Most photographers I came across only gave me about 30-50 edited, so that already put Fran over the top. I’d definitely recommend him, and will be contacting him again any time I’m back in the area! 🙂

I was attracted to Luz Neutra Fotografia’s package because it includes all photos taken. Compare that to standard photographers’ packages which force you to choose 20 of your favorites for a similar price. They have an added advantage of giving you up to two photographers for your session. We had the best day with Fran and Reyes! Our shoot was at the Alcazar, but they can also take you to other locations in Sevilla. We were attracted to the architecture and history of the Alcazar, and Fran was able to share a lot about it with us. They know of beautiful backgrounds all over the grounds. They were so kind and Fran is funny! After our shoot, they took us to a wonderful place for pescaíto, and the fried fish there was soooo good! (Thanks!) Our photos turned out beautifully! The art director in me would have better coordinated our clothing, taken more time with my hair and, in retrospect, practiced poses with my fiancé, but none of that really mattered. Fran and Reyes did a wonderful job and Reyes has a great eye for details. I would recommend Luz Neutra to be your photographers while you’re visiting Sevilla or Spain.

Are you thinking of making your proposal in Seville?

Would you like to have a nice memory of such an important moment in your life?

We have a lot of experience working as paparazzi in Seville. Just let us know, and we’ll be ready with our cameras for the key moment. We can «hide» among the other tourists and when the time comes to take the best pictures, or, if you hire us for a couple’s report in Seville and let us know in advance, be prepared with our cameras for the moment to surprise your partner with your proposal.

Don’t think about it, we have different prices and a lot of experience working to couples and grooms. We can help you prepare the best surprise for your love here in Seville…

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any question? These are the most frequently asked questions…

How many photos will you give me?

You’ve probably been able to visit online sites where you can hire local photographers. All of them base their business model on selling «packages» with a limited number of photos. If the client wants to have more images from his photo session, he will have to pay more money.

We don’t like that business model. Basically at the end of the process you get angry customers, because either they have paid more money than expected, or they can’t afford to spend more and therefore lose the photos they like so much.

We will give you all the images of the session. You won’t have to choose, because it will all be yours. This way we save time and have happy customers, and our customers get what they want: the best photos at the best price without limitations.

How long will the photo shoot last?

The minimum time for a nice photo shoot is one hour. Obviously, if we have more time, better for everyone. Is it enough time to have a nice memory of our trip to Seville? It depends on the site chosen for the photos, but normally with an hour of photo shoot we can get great images.

Where will we take the photos? Can we go to different places in Seville?

Normally the majority of clients choose the two most representative places in the city, the Plaza de España and Reales Alcázares. Both are beautiful and highly recommended. Logically, if you like the idea, we can take a walk through different locations. For example, it is very common to have photo shoots between the Plaza de España and Santa Cruz’s Quarter, or between Triana neighbourhood and the historic city centre, for example. There is no problem with that.

photographer to alcazar in seville

Alcazar It’s a wonderful place to your photoshoot

photographer in Plaza de España Seville

Plaza de España, one «must» in Seville

We’d like to do the photo shoot with my little kids, is there a problem?

We love to work with families and childrens. If you can see the rest of our website you can see that we specialize in working with families and young children. Obviously they have another way of doing things, you have to take breaks, let them take the initiative, to play, etc..  But for us there is no problem

professional photographer in Seville good an recommended photographer in Seville

We don’t have much experience hiring photographers, how is a typical photo shoot?

Well, for us the most important thing is that we have a good time, because that way we will have relaxed clients and better photos. So basically we’ll take a walk around the locations, chat a bit and in the meantime we’ll guide you to get the best images. We like natural photos and happy couples and families.

vacation photographer personal photographer to hire a photographer in Seville

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Want to see an example of our work?

vacation photographer personal photographer to hire a photographer in Seville

El paseo de April por la Plaza de España

April se puso en contacto con nosotros desde California, quería unas fotos con su marido en las que Sevilla fuera protagonista. El tiempo no acompañaba, realmente era un día muy lluvioso, pero sabemos bien que la Plaza de España es un gran escenario para hacer fotos de pareja, ¿te vienes con nosotros?

professional photographer in Seville, best images of your visit to Seville, photographer for your travel Pictures of Plaza de España Alcazar of Seville

Desde Hong Kong con amor, From Hong Kong with love

En estos últimos meses estamos muy contentos aquí en Luz Neutra, cada vez son son más las parejas de novios extranjeras que contactan con nosotros para que fotografiemos su visita a Sevilla. ¿Te gustaría saber más sobre cómo hacemos estos reportajes tan especiales?

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